ADX-Files Show 2 – Larry Warren & Peter Robbins

Larry and Peter 2

Alyson Dunlop interviews Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident whistleblower Larry Warren & his co-author of “Left at East Gate”, investigative writer Peter Robbins.

ADX-Files Show 2 on Enemy Within Radio: Click here! 




Greetings Earthlings, and welcome to the new ADX-Files blog!    ADX-Files is a Scottish UFO and paranormal radio show on Enemy Within Radio, hosted by me, Alyson Dunlop.  I run SPI Scotland, and am a profound human experiencer (PHE), as well as cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapist and writer.  I will be asking all the questions you want answers to!  Have aliens visited us?  Do other realms communicate with us?  When will disclosure happen?

I had the pleasure of talking with absolutely fantastic guests on my previous show, EDX-Files, and ADX-Files promises to be just as good – even better, in fact!  It’s a weekly, 2 hour show and  I’ll be talking with some very well-known people in ufology and paranormal research.  Don’t miss it!

Watch this space for days and times of future shows.  In the meantime, here is the pilot show with special guest, Gary Heseltine (PRUFOS) ahead of his upcoming UFO Truth Magazine Conference.  I’ll be there and hopefully will get a chat with Andy Young as he broadcasts Enemy Within LIVE from the conference on Saturday 19th September!

ADX-Files Show 1 with Gary Heseltine – click here!

You can listen to my previous show EDX-Files here

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